Creating a Bright Future in Saskatchewan. 


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The SES Solar Co-op is working towards a renewable energy tipping point in Saskatchewan. A place where we use our world-class solar resource to build resilience for future generations.

Solar technology is now rivaling its non-renewable counterparts for efficiency. By tapping into the potential of solar, we can create greater reliability in the power grid, offset our consumption & GHG production, and generate a return on the investment - all at the same time.

The SES Solar Co-operative is the first renewable energy co-operative in Saskatchewan. The direction of the Solar Co-op is led by engineers, sustainable building specialists, and community builders to ensure continued quality & efficiency improvements. They conduct stringent research and analytics on power production on behalf of shareholders.

We’re faced with a truly visionary opportunity in Saskatchewan at the moment. A major partner has approved the installation of 1200 solar panels on their land in Saskatoon. This follows other successful installations at the Two Twenty, Saskatoon Landfill, Radiance Cohousing, Wolf Willow Cohousing and the Ness Creek site.

By becoming a member in the co-operative, you’re helping to see this project come to life. The panels we purchase will reside on the site, producing renewable energy for their operations, and generating a return for Solar Co-op shareholders.

Join us in creating another successful renewable shift!

Making History

Saskatchewan has an outstanding solar resource, with more hours of sunlight than anywhere else in Canada. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan sees an average of 2267 hours of bright sunshine every year. It is time to utilize that renewable resource in the production of electricity. The goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a renewable energy future for Saskatchewan need to become a top priority. That is why it is not only important to be Saskatchewan’s first solar power co-operative, but to support the development of renewable energy co-operatives across the province! Based out of Saskatoon, the SES Solar Co-operative Ltd. has carefully developed a legal structure, a set of bylaws, and a business model that can then be followed – and modified as needed by future renewable energy co-operatives. Our goal is to ultimately see dozens of renewable energy co-operatives across our province.


Our 6th & newest project:  Wolf Willow Co-housing

530 Avenue J South in Saskatoon

SES Solar Co-op Ltd. has 120 solar panels on the rooftop with a generating capacity of 36 kilowatts - installed by Rock Paper Sun Ltd. of Saskatoon. Click here for more details

Click here to see our live production and here

Our 5th project: Ness Creek Solar Arrays

Ness Creek Site

With a generating capacity of 45 kilowatts from 132 panels - installed by MiEnergy of Saskatoon. Click here for more details

more SES Solar Co-op Projects

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